Spray Tans


Full body spray tanning has you looking your healthy vibrant and confident self within only 2 hours developing time. Regular spray tanning avoids the danger of overexposure to ageing UVA/ UVB sun rays and environmental pigmentation and dehydrated skin.

Beauty Queen Skin & Body Salon use and recommend the popular Naked Tan collection. A comprehensive range of natural shades to suit all skin tones from light to darker without the orange undertones or streaks, giving an even colour and healthier appearance, that creates a natural backdrop to any special outfit. Maintain that summer look all year round great for weddings and other special occasions. Leave for that summer holiday looking like you have already been.

Beauty Queen Skin & Body Salon Spray Tanning Tips:


We advise you exfoliate your body pre-application of tan, paying particular attention to areas of dead skin build up such as knees, ankles, heels top of toes or any other dry areas like elbows. The dead cell build will grab more colour and absorb into these areas, making the application uneven.


Smooth hair free skin under your tan application really enhances the finish.  It is important not to wax on the same day as tanning because the skin follicle will be exposed and can trap the spray tan within, which could present as small dark dots on the skin that are harder to wash out, so we recommend you have any waxing done at least 24 to 48 hrs before scheduled tanning appointment.


Wear darker free flowing clothing that does not rub tightly over skin after tan application. If any colour does get onto lighter coloured fabrics it will wash out of most fabrics.

After your tan application ensure minimal  exposure  to  the following:

  • Water. No showers, baths or swimming until after the prescribed development time, then only remove excess tan with flat of hand, patting skin dry. No scrubbing or wiping with cloths or exfoliants. Avoid active AHA based products on skin, as over use of active products will fade tan faster.
  • Saunas/Spa.
    •    Physical workout where sweating will cause streaking of tan.
    •    Swimming particularly chlorine as it will fade tan faster.

To maintain your great tan:
•    Moisturise daily, it prolongs your tan.
•    Exfoliate gently 7 to 10 days after application to ensure even fading of the tan.



A spray tan does not contain an SPF factor, if you intend spending long periods of time in the sun it is advised to protect your skin with a sun block factor 30 to 50.

Spray Tanning
Full Body$35
Half Body $25