Cosmetic Tattooing

How does cosmetic tattooing work? What can I expect?

Patch tests on a small area of your skin are mandatory pre service, to ensure there will be no reaction or allergy to the organically based tattoo pigment.


Cosmetic tattooing works by a digital machine placing hypoallergenic pigments into the skin using a needle, or for feathering the eyebrow, a blade carries the pigment into the skin allowing the pigment to penetrate the upper layers of the dermis. The duration of the procedure depends on the area you are targeting. This is similar to the technique used with normal tattooing. However, unlike normal tattooing, cosmetic tattoos will fade after a couple of years.


Colours are chosen dependant on skin tone hair colour and your personal preference. These discussions are not rushed to ensure you and the technician are both clear on what the desired outcome should be.


Immediately after the treatment, the pigment will appear darker, this will fade to its permanent shade within two to three weeks. Unlike body tattooing that penetrates very deeply into the dermal layer, cosmetic tattooing penetrates closer to the surface of the skin and will fade over time (approx 2 yrs) as skin shedding occurs. Once the pigment fades a quick touch up is all that is required.


Cosmetic tattooing is generally well tolerated by most people, a slight discomfort may be experienced when the pigment is applied to your skin. This discomfort is kept to a minimum by using a topical anesthetic to numb the epidermal skin layer.


After the procedure has taken place, it is not abnormal to experience some redness and puffiness in your skin, however this is soothed quickly by using our after-care cream, and the discomfort will disappear in a short period of time. It is important to avoid exposure to the sun for a few days after your treatment


Part of your treatment outlay includes a second visit within 4 weeks from initial treatment to check if pigment requires topping up  evening out of colour checking density of colour and most importantly that you are happy with the  progress so far. This second treatment should not be avoided as it does ensure longevity of the tattoo.


It is important in the initial treatment stage not to scratch or detach any scabbing that may occur as this will prematurely remove pigment. Keep reapplying the healing cream regularly to keep skin soft and hydrated.


At Beauty Queen Skin & Body Salon, we use only the most modern digital cosmetic tattoo technology to ensure a safe and long-lasting result for our clients. Since the effects of cosmetic tattooing lasts for some years it is important to leave this in the hands of a trusted professional. At Beauty Queen Skin & Body Salon, our therapists are fully trained and nationally accredited ensuring you the best outcome.

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